10 channel alarm integrator module 230Vac




The IO-ALM10 series of Alarm Integrators monitor up to 10 Input Channels and provide a relay output in the event of an alarm signal appearing on any one or more inputs. The IO-ALM10 Alarm Integrators are self-powered from the alarm input and are designed for mounting on TS35 section DIN rail.



Alarm Inputs:                    10 x 230Vac

Output:                                  1 x SPCO Relay

Contact Rating:                 12A@230Vac (resistive)

Power Supply:                    Self-powered from Input.

Terminals:                             Rising Clamp for 0.5-2.5mm² cable.

Dimensions:                         55 x 75 x 48mm approx.

Ambient Temperature:  0 – 50˚C

Weight 85 g
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