4 Pole Stag Isolator, Enclosed IP65 – 20Amp




This 4 Pole Range of Stag Isolators are available from 20A to 150A. They have an IP65 protection rating and are EN 60947-3 compliant. They are flame retardant, and we offer 3 sizes of enclosure. Other features include multiple gland knockouts, lockable rotary handle, external mounting points, additional earth connections and an interlocked enclosure lid.




Poles:                                                                             4

Rated Operational Current:                            20A

Rated Power of 3Ph Motor at 415V:         5.5kW

Rated Voltage:                                                          415V

Frequency:                                                                   50/60Hz

Rated Insulation Voltage Uᵢ:                              690V

Max. Cable Size (Solid/Stranded):                  10mm²

Protection Degree:                                                   IP65

Tightening Torque:                                                    2Nm

Mechanical Life:                                                          10,000

Weight 520 g
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