Air Flow Switch




The FL-SL1E is a paddle switch intended to monitor air flow within a duct and provide a switched output on detection of either a specific air velocity or flow failure.



Contacts:                             Dust-tight microswitch with SPDT contacts (n.c./n.o.)

Switch Capacity:             15(8)A, 24…250Vac

Working:                              -40…+85˚C

      10…90% RH (without condensing)

Internal Duct Temp.:     -10…+85˚C

Body:                                       Brass

Paddles:                                 Stainless steel AISI 301

Housing:                                Base in ABS, transparent PC cover

Storage:                                 -40…+85˚C

       < 95% RH

Protection:                           IP65, class I (only casing, external side duct)

Size:                                          265 x 140 x 100mm

Weight 600 g
Specification Guide