Dual Phase Cut Module 30VA per channel




The IOPC2 converts two 0-10V dc Input Signals to drive two separate 0-20V 50Hz phase-cut outputs, at 30VA per channel for the control of small valve or damper actuators. The IOPC2 features opto-isolation, is powered from 24V ac (with a common connection to input signal) and has Rising Clamp Screw Terminals. The output from the IOPC2 can be boosted to 60VA by using two IOPCA1, 1 per channel.



Input Signal:                          2 x 0 – 10Vdc

Output Signal:                      2 x 20V phase cut – 30VA per channel.

Power Supply:                      24Vac (common to 0 – 10Vdc input).

Terminals:                                Rising clamp for 0.5 – 2.5mm² cable.

LED Indicators:                    ON when Power on.

Ambient Temp:                     0 to 50˚C

Dimensions:                           78 x 92.5 x 55mm (approx.)

Weight 64 g
Specification Guide