Four Channel Override Relay Module




The IOMR4 is designed for applications which require independent manual override of digital output channels from BMS Controllers. The outputs can be switched without a controller being present which makes the IOMR4 useful for temporary control or commissioning. Link selection enables up to 4 outputs to be switched from Input 1. High Quality Rising Clamp Terminals are used for all connections. The IOMR4 is powered by 24V ac or dc and features LED indication of Power ON and LED indication for each energised relay. The IOMR4 is designed to mount on TS35 section DIN Rail.



Input Signal:                       4 x 0-10Vdc, (2mA typical)

Must Operate:                  5Vdc

Output Contacts:            4 x SPCO

Contact Rating:                12A/250Vac (res.)

Power Supply:                    24V ac or dc +/-10%

Manual Override:             ON/OFF/AUTO (Link Selectable)

Terminals:                              Rising clamp for 0.5-2.5mm² cable.

LED Indicators:                   ON when relay energised

Ambient Range:                  0 to 50˚C

Dimensions:                          78 x 92.5 x 48mm (approx.)

Weight 118 g
Specification Guide