Four Zone Water Leak Detection Module and Valve Controller




The WLM-VC leak detection module has up to 4 sensor inputs with zone indication, with volt free alarm and a 24 alarm output, this unit is designed to fit a standard 2 gang back box allowing it to be flush or surface mounted. It can be supplied as six options (see codes on datasheet). The WLM-VC can be used with up to 3 24Vdc actuated ball valves to isolate the supply water upon leak detection.


Supply Voltage:                        230Vac

               50mA max.

Valve Outputs:                           3 x valve outputs 24Vdc

Sensors:                                           Supplied with 4

Alarm Outputs:                          Volt free contact N/O 500mA 24Vdc

Termination:                                 Rising clamp for 0.5 – 2.5mm² cable

Ambient Temperature:         -10 to +40˚C

Dimensions:                                   146 x 86mm

Weight 200 g
Specification Guide