LPG Sensor




The FGS Gas Sensor is one of the most cost effective and versatile units available on the market. With a Voltage Output and Volt Free Contact, the FGS can connect directly into most third party controllers or can easily connect to the New LCD based range of panels using the BACnet output.

With most modern buildings, the plant room safety systems are BMS integrated, and the FGS has been designed with this in mind. It can be treated like any other field sensor, the latching facility allows direct integration with the primary safety circuit, then simply pulse the Digital Input to reset once the alarm has cleared. This negates the requirement for a controller, cutting down cost of the equipment and installation.



Power Supply:                                    24V AC/DC ± 10%

Power Consumption @ 24V:     Catalytic (CAT)                 70 mA

         Electrochemical (EC)    40 mA

          Infra-red (IR)                     70 mA

          Fluorescent (FL)              40 mA

Analogue Output:                              0/2-10V Full Scale Linear

VFC Output Rating:                          SPDT – 1A @ 24V Max

Operating Conditions:                    Temp 0-40°C

           Humidity 0-95% (NC)

Response Time (T90):                      < 1 Minute

Sampling Method:                              Diffusion

Warm-up Time:                                    2 minutes

Range (ppm):                                          0-100% LEL

IP Rating:                                                  IP40

Housing Material:                               Flame Retardant ABS

Approval:                                                  CE

Weight 100 g
Specification Guide