Plant Extension Timer 1…4 Hour 230Vac Or 24Vac




The EP-PET4 timer extension timer is a high output electronic timer which provides control for a wide range of loads. The unit allows an appliance to be powered for a set time period which can be adjusted by the user. A simple LED dispalys shows the user how much time is left to run, and its “Night Light” feature illuminates all the LED’S when the unit is not in use, so the unit can be located in the dark. Pressing the switch whilst the unit is operating allows the user to cancel the timing program, and the memory function of the timer will remember the last time period selected.



Load:                                16 Amp resistive load

(including immersion heaters)

6 Amp fluorescent lighting

3 Amp compact fluorescent lighting

3 Amp low energy lighting

3 Amp low voltage lighting

(switch primary of transformer)

Fluorescent lighting

(max. 6 fittings recommended)

Supply Voltage:          220 – 240V AC 50Hz

 24VAC/DC +/- 10%

Time Out Period:        1, 2, 3 or 4 hours (selectable)

Weight 101 g
Specification Guide