Rain Sensor with Integral Heater




A range of single zone water leak detection modules in DIN mounting carriers. One or more detector tapes or cables to remote water sensors totalling up to 200m in length can be connected and receive an AC excitation signal to minimise corrosion. A relay output is provided with an LED indicating the alarmed condition.



Connections to flying lead:    Red, blue: To water detector (either polarity)

                    Yellow, green: Heater 24V AC or DC

                     (either polarity, consumes 1W)

Dimensions:                                      Body: 75 x 45 x 32mm

                     Bracket: 65 x 65mm

                     Mounting hole spacing: 31mm

                     Mounting hole diameter: 5mm

Materials:                                            Bracket: Stainless steel

                      Body: ABS

Weight 132 g
Specification Guide