Single Channel Override Relay Module




The IOMR1 is designed to provide a manual override of the output from a BMS Controller (or similar) and is particularly useful for commissioning or temporary control applications. The IOMR1 can also be used as an alternative to the IO-RM1-12DC relay module, with the added advantages of ON/OFF/AUTO links. The unit has a fixed switchpoint at 6V.



Supply Voltage:                24V ac or dc

Input Signal:                        0/10Vdc

Switchpoint:                       6Vdc

Output Contacts:             1 x SPCO

Rating:                                     12A @ 230Vac

LED Indication:                  ON when relay is energised

Ambient:                                 0°C to 40°C/5-90% RH

Storage:                                    0/+50°C

Terminals:                               Rising clamp 0.5-2.5mm² cable.

Dimensions:                           76 x 23 x 45mm approx.

Country of Origin:             United Kingdom

Weight 59 g
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