Transmitter – CO2 & Temp




The Transmitter range can be supplied with any combination of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature and Relative Humidity. With three 0-10V outputs, an on board relay and the ability to select between Analogue or Thermistor temperature output, our transmitter range is one of the most versatile units available.

With optional signature traffic light display, the sensor can provide a clear, bold indication of the air quality in the monitored space.

This cost effective sensor range is ideal for any application, including natural and demand controlled ventilation as well as for integrating with our range of gas safety systems.


  • 24V AC/DC Power Supply
  • Pluggable terminal block for ease of installation
  • Optional traffic light readout
  • 3x 0-10V outputs
  • Selectable Temperature output (0-10V or 10K3)
  • Volt free contact output
  • Typical 10+ year life expectancy
  • Self-calibrating CO2 sensor
  • Mounts onto any standard single gang junction box or conduit box
  • UK manufactured
Weight 100 g
Specification Guide