Tri-Rated Cable 0.75mm (Black)




High temperature, flame retardant cable designed for use in the switch control, relay and instrumentation panels.

0.75mm Tri-Rated Cable.

Supplied on 100m reels.



Conductor:                         Copper, class 5 (flexible), based on EN60228 / IEC 60228

      and BS 6360.

Insulation:                            Flexible PVC, extra sliding, high service temperature

       type TI3 according to UNE 21031/HD 21 and Class 43

        UL 1581.

Voltage Rating (Uo/U):  UL, CSA: 600/1000V

         BS 6231: 600/1000V

         BS EN 50525-2-31: 300/500V, 450/750V

Temperature Rating:        UL, CSA: +105°C

          BS 6231: +90°C

          Minimum: -15°C

Min Bending Radius:         6 x overall diameter

Weight 1400 g
Specification Guide