12Kw 415V Three Phase Thyristor Power Controller




The DIN Rail mounting Power Controllers TCD3 are suitable for providing control of electric heating loads from an analogue signal. Applications include electric heating coils, heating cables and electric furnaces. The units utilise solid-state switching with “zero crossing technology” to provide accurate switching control. All items are provided with an alarm output for over temperature protection and LED Indication of Output ON. The TCD3 are designed to mount on DIN rail.



Input:                              Selectable 0…10V, 0…5V, 2…10V, 4…20mA

Power Supply:           24Vac/dc +/-10%

Alarm Output:           24V alarm output drops to 0V on alarm for connecting to

              external relay

Rated Load:                  Load/Ph                     Dissipated Heat

               16A                               33W

Max Heater Duty:    12Kw

Rated Supply:              380…440Vac, 50/60Hz

LED Indication:           ON when output is on

Terminals:                       Rising cage terminals

Ambient Temp.:           Maximum 45°C without de-rating

Dimensions:                   170 x 110 x 102mm

Country of Origin:      United Kingdom

Weight 621 g
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