230Vac Single Relay and Base




The IOR1 range of single relay modules are suitable for a wide range of voltages and are supplied complete with a DIN rail mounting base and retaining clip.



Coil Rated Voltage:                        230Vdc

Coil Resistance:                                38500Ω ± 10% at 20°c

Rated Power Consumption:      0.75VA

Operating Range at 20°C:           Min. 184.0Vac 50Hz, Max. 276.0Vac 50Hz


Switching Load:                                 12Amps

Operating Time:                                Typical 15 ms

Release Time:                                      Typical 8 ms

Ambient Temperature:                  -40°C…+85°C

Protection:                                             IP40

Dimensions:                                           75 x 15.5 x 67mm

Weight 67 g
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