24Vac 0-10Vdc Modulating (Esbe) 65mm-150mm




The ESBE series 90 actuator is a compact actuator for operating rotary mixing valves. The actuator is reversible and is provided with limit switches which are actuated by cam discs. For 1255 01 00 to 1255 03 00 the operating range is 90° alt. 180°, and for 1255 04 00 the operating range is 355°. The actuator is provided with a disconnection for manual operation and has an indication on the front showing valve position.
The actuator is also available in step motor driven versions for regulation with different proportional signals and running times. Supply voltage 24 V AC/DC. The actuators are factory set at 0–10 V and 15 s for 1255 03 00, 60 s for 1255 01 00 resp. 120 s for 1255 02 00. Any adjustments are made by removal of front cover.



Ambient Temperature:                  Max. +55°C

          Min. –15°C

Power Supply:                                      24 ± 10% V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:                       5 VA

Enclosure Rating:                                IP54

Protection Class:                                  II

Rating Auxiliary Switch:                  6(3)A 250 VAC

Weight 800 g
Specification Guide