3% Duct Humidity Sensor, 0/10Vdc output




The KFF range of humidity sensors is used in refrigeration and air conditioning in air ducts or greenhouses and halls. They convert the  humidity and temperature measurements into analogue signals of 0…10Vdc or 4…20mA. A capacitive RH sensor and NTC thermistor provide accurate measurements and long term stability.



Power Supply:                   24 AC / DC

Sensors:                                 Capacitive Humidity sensor, NTC temperature

Measuring Range:           Humidity – 0…100% RH

Operating Range:             Humidity – 10…90% RH

Accuracy:                               Humidity – ± 3% RH 40…60% RH otherwise ± 5%

Outputs:                                  0…10Vdc

Connection:                           0.5 – 1.5mm cable

Enclosure:                              Glass reinforced polyamide 72 x 64 x 39.4mm

Weight 368 g
Specification Guide