3 Port 1″ Spring Return Zone Valve




On-off control of heat or cool water flow.

Coupling between synchronous motor and body valve with ring nut.

The synchronous motor opens the valve (normally closed) according to the command signal of a thermostat; at the signal interruption a spring positions the valve to the closed position.

– 2-way valves: the plug closes against the flow;
– 3-way valves: the plug blocks the flow toward user side.



Valve Type:                              3 way

Fluid Temperature:             +2…+94˚C

Material:                                    Valve body: forged brass

            Valve rod: stainless steel Aisi 302

Seal Material:                          NBR

Storage Temperature:        -20…+70˚C

             < 95% RH

Weight 568 g
Specification Guide