3% Space Humidity Sensor, selectable output with direct Ni1000TK5000 sensor




This type of relative humidity and temperature  sensors utilize state-of-the-art single chip multi-sensor module comprising a calibrated digital output to enable stability and immunity to interference. Application of CMOS processes with patented micro-machining ensures highest reliability and excellent long-term stability. The device includes a capacitive polymer sensing element for RH and a bandgap temperature sensor. Both are seamlessly coupled to a 14 bit analog to digital converter, and a serial interface circuit on the same chip. Due to its integrated sensing and D/A conversion, it enables high signal quality, fast response time and immunity to external disturbance.




RH Sensor:                                                          Capacitive polymer

Accuracy:                                                             +/-3% or +/-2% at 25˚C

Response Time:                                               < 8 seconds

Long-term Stability:                                      < 2% RH per year

Hysteresis:                                                           +/- 1% RH

Output:                                                                   0 – 100% RH


Bandgap Temp. Sensor Accuracy:          +/-0.5˚C at 25˚C

Response Time:                                                 < 8 seconds

Default Output:                                                  0~˚C (selectable)

Housing Material:                                             ABS

Ambient Range:                                                 -20˚C to +50˚C

Supply:                                                                      24Vdc/ac (< 500 ohms)

Connection:                                                           0.5 to 1.5mm cable

Dimensions:                                                           85 x 85 x 28mm

Weight 100 g
Specification Guide