32mm 3 Port Screwed Rotary Shoe Valve




The EBSE range of rotary valves are suitable for mixing or diverting water in closed circuit heating applications.

Sizes available:

20mm – 50mm (Screwed)

65mm – 150mm (Flanged)

Use HT… range of Belimo Actuator for sizes 20-50mm.

Linkage: MS-NRE6.



Pressure Class:                                   PN10

Torque (at nominal pressure):   DN15-32: < 3 Nm

                         DN40-50: < 5 Nm

Working pressure:                            10 bar

Close off pressure:                            2 bar

Connections:                                         BSP

Media Temperature:                         Max. (continuously): +110°C

            Max. (temporarily): +130°C

            Min.: -10°C

Leak rate in % of flow:                       Mixing: < 0.05% Diverting: < 0.02%

Max. differential pressure drop: Mixing: 1 bar Diverting: 2 bar

Rangeability Kv/Kv min, A-AB:     100

Material:                                                      Valve body: Dezincification resistant brass,


               Slide: Abrasion resistant brass

               Shaft and bushing: PPS composite

               O-rings: EPDM

Weight 1029 g
Specification Guide