80mm Butterfly Valve Wafer Type PN16 (F05)




The Belimo Wafer type Butterfly Valve for shut-off functions in open and closed cold and hot water systems.
The Butterfly valve is opened or closed completely by an open-close rotary actuator.
Continuous rotary actuators can move the valves discs into any position desired. The disc made of stainless steel is pressed into the soft-sealing EDPM seat.



Media:                                              Cold and warm water, water with glycol up to

  max. 50% vol.

Medium Temperature:            -20…120°C

Permissible Pressure ps:        1600 kPa

Leakage Rate:                                Leakage rate A, tight (EN 12266-1)

Pipe Connectors:                         DN 25…200: Flange PN 6/PN 10/PN16

    (according to ISO 7005-2)

                   DN 250…350: Flange PN 10 / PN 16

                    (according to ISO 7005-2)

                    DN 400…700: Flange PN 16

                    (according to ISO 7005-2)

Angle of Rotation:                        90°

Installation Position:                  Upright to horizontal (in relation to the stem)

Suitable Connection Flange:  In accordance with ISO 7005-2 and EN 1092-2

Maintenance:                                   Maintenance-free

Weight 3300 g
Specification Guide