Air Pressure Sensing Switch High Temperature




Model AFS-222 Air Pressure Sensing Switch is a general purpose proving switch designed for HVAC and Energy Management applications. It may be used to sense positive, negative, or differentialair pressure. The plated housing contains a diaphragm, a calibration spring and a snap-acting SPDT switch. The sample connections located on each side of the diaphragm accept 6mm OD copper tubing via the integral compression ferrule and nut.



Mounting Position:                                        Mount with the diaphragm in any vertical


Set Point Range:                                               0.05 ± 0.02″ w.c. to 12.0″ w.c.

Field Adjustable “Operate Range”:       0.07″ w.c. to 12.0″ w.c.

Field Adjustable “Release Range”:        0.04″ w.c. to 11.2″ w.c.

Approximate Switching Differential:  Progressive, increasing from 0.02 ±

          0.01″ w.c. at minimum set point to

          approximately 0.8″ w.c. at maximum set


Measured Media:                                              Air, or combustion by-products that will

          not degrade silicone.

Maximum Pressure:                                        ½ psi (0.03 bar).

Operating Temperature Range:             -40˚F to 180˚F (-40 to 82˚C).

Weight 700 g
Specification Guide