Analogue Buffer Module




A module that generates 0-10V signals or reroutes existing signals optionally buffering them. Also provides terminals for power.
Typical applications include:
● Providing test signals during commissioning.
● Buffering one 0-10V signal so that it can drive several actuators.
● Buffering four 0-10V signals so that they can drive four actuators each drawing a large signal current.



Operating Characteristics…
Input Signals:                                          0-10V
Operating Conditions:                     -10 to +50°C 0-90% RH (non-condensing)
Output:                                                       0-10V DC direct or buffered
Manual Output:                                     Screwdriver adjustment of output voltage in                                                                                 “Hand” position
Output Signal Current (max.):      20mA per channel
Output Power Current:                     6A total
Input Time:                                                Constant 1ms

Electrical Specifications…
Minimum Supply Voltage:               21VDC or AC
Maximum Supply Voltage:              40VDC or 27VAC
Max Operating Current:                   115mA DC
Terminal Type:                                         Rising cage connectors for 0.5-2.5mm² cable
LED Status:                                                On when powered

Mechanical Details…
Dimensions:                                               98 x 106 x 56mm
Weight:                                                         127g

Specification Guide