Auxiliary Switch 2 x SPDT




Auxiliary switch unit, suitable for the spring-return actuators NF..A.., SF..A.., LF..

Use with the LF, NF and SF actuators.



Auxiliary Switch:                                                               2 x SPDT, 0…100% adjustable

Switching Capacity Auxiliary Switch:                  1mA…3 (0.5 inductive) A, AC 250V (II reinforced insulation), 1mA…0.5 (0.2 inductive; L/R = 3.4ms) A, DC 110V (II reinforced insulation).

Switching Points Auxiliary Switch:                          Adjustable across the entire range of rotation 0…1 of the actuator. Pre-setting with scale possible.

Connection auxiliary switch:                                        Cable 1m, 6 x 0.75mm²

Weight 104 g
Specification Guide