Ceiling Mount Microwave Occupancy Detector




The MW3SA offers a unique presence/absence detection capability by using an adjustable head. This incorporates an innovative locking mechanism to prevent tampering. By changing the angle of the head, different detection patterns can be achieved to suit the application. An integral sensitivity adjustment allows the detector to be fine tuned to its environment. The microwave presence detector is self contained and can be flush or surface mounted using a separate detector back box. The microwave sensor is sensitive to movement. The simple plug in connections reduce installation time.The optional infrared remote handset allows the user to override the set up on some models.



IP Rating:                            IP40

Compliance:                      EMC-2004/108/EC LVD-2006/95/EC

Supply Voltage:               Min. 11.5VDC max. 36VDC, min. 10VAC max. 26.5VAC

Load:                                       Low voltage supply with relay output rating 16A

      resistive 10A inductive.

      Low voltage with relay contact for low on resistance

      suitable for control wire applications 3A resistive load.

      Not suitable for inductive loads output, rating 50mA,

       30VDC max.

Supply:                                    On 1100mW, Off 767mW

Terminals:                              2.5mm

Temperature:                    -10˚C to 25˚C

Humidity:                               5 to 95% non-condensing

Material (casing):               Flame retardant ABS and PC/ABS

Safety:                                      The microwave radiation emitted by these units is

         extremely low power and complies with ANSI standard

         “IEEEC95.1-1999 Standard for Safety Levels with

          Respect to Human Exposure to Radio Frequency

          Electromagnetic Fields 3kHz 300GHz.”

Weight 50 g
Specification Guide