Digital Electronic Thermostat 6 Stage




The TS-ET6 programmable Electronic Thermostat has the option of a remote set point, low limit and setback which is compatible with Building Management Systems. The unit can be used to control up to 6 Stages of heating and/or cooling.



Temperature Sensor:      10k3A1 thermistor for control and frost override

Temperature Range:        -5˚C to +95˚C

Diff Between Stages:       1˚C to 9˚C

Ext Set Point Range:         -5˚C to +95˚C adjustable

Night Set Back:                     Volt free contacts

Offset Point:                          1k-11k, range –3˚C to +3˚C of set point

Low Limit Range:                 -5°C to 95°C

External Set Point:             1k-11k

Between Stage Delay:      1-900 seconds

Supply:                                        24Vac/dc 100,140,185, 225mA max.

Output:                                       2 – 8 SPCO contacts 8A (3A) @ 230Vac

Dimensions:                             230(W) x 85(D) x 62(H)

Weight 315 g
Specification Guide