IP65 Black Bulb Temperature Sensor – Ni1000 TK5000




The Black Bulb temperature sensor determines the effective portion of active radiation or also the effective radiant heat at the measured location. Due to the measuring method applied by the dark radiation temperature sensor in combination with its positioning in the room, excellent measuring results are achieved.



Sensor Type:     Thermistor or RTD element

Accuracy:            Thermistor – ± 0.2°C, 0…70°C

      RTD – Class A ± 0.15°C @ 0°C, ± 0.35°C @ 100°C

Housing:                Flame retardant ABS

Colour:                    White

Protection:           RSTF – IP30 ASTF – IP65

Terminals:             Rising clamp 0.5-2.5mm² cable.

Ambient:               -20°C to +60°C, 0-95% RH non-condensing

Weight 119 g
Specification Guide