Large LCD Screen Digital Programmable Thermostat




Large LCD display with back-light.
Set points and room temperature display simultaneously.
Maintains the temperature within the range of 0.5 ℃ to the set point.

Automatic fan with adjustable 3-fan speed.
Manual change over.
Never lose user setting in the event of power-off, no battery is required.
Display temperature re-calibrates.
Sleep mode option.
Optional remote control.



Power Source:                                   2AA size 1.5V alkaline battery

Maximum Resistive Load:          230V AC 5A

Maximum Inductive Load:          230V AC 2A

Receiver:                                                230Vac 16A

Relay Contact:                                    230Vac 16A

Room Temp. Setting Range:       5℃ ~ 35℃

Accuracy:                                               1℉ or ± 0.5℃

Dimensions:                                          115mm x 90mm x 16mm

Colour:                                                      White

Weight 200 g
Specification Guide