Large Screen LCD Digital Thermostat



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Programmable thermostat designed for water boiler and electric furnace application.

This thermostat can be used for hot water radiant heating and electric cable heating system.

Large LCD display, both vacation mode and hold duration mode available for comfort and energy saving.

Separate 5-day (weekday) and 1-day/1-day (Saturday/Sunday) programming with four separate time/temperature periods per day includes anti-freezing protection.

The screen displays the set temperature, room temperature and time simultaneously. There’s permanent user setting and program setting retention during power loss. Optional temperature display of Celsius or Fahrenheit scale, plus display temperature re-calibrates.



Power Source:                                      2 AA size 1.5V alkaline battery

Maximum Resistive Load:             230V AC 5A

Maximum Inductive Load:             230V AC 2A

Receiver:                                                   230V AC 50Hz

Relay Contact:                                       230V AC 16A

Room Temp. Setting Range:          5°C…35°C

Accuracy:                                                  1℉ or ± 0.5℃

Dimensions:                                             115 × 90 × 16mm

Colour:                                                         White

Weight 200 g
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