Liquid Differential Pressure Sensor 0/10Vdc 0-7 bar




The 482 range of Liquid DP sensors use a piezo-resistive sensor and incorporate zero and span adjustment. They are ideal for use in areas requiring exact pressure measurement, low hysteresis and long term stability in all applications where air, oil or water is to be monitored.



Output Signal:                   0…10Vdc 3 wire

Power Supply:                   24Vac/dc

Pressure Ranges:             0…7 bar

Over Pressure:                  1.5 x FS

Accuracy:                              0.25% FS

Repeatability:                     0.2% FS/Year typical

Pressure Connection:    ⅛” BSP female

Temperature:                     -20…+80˚C

Humidity:                               0…80% RH

Weight 383 g
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