Manual Reset Frost Protection Thermostat




The TS-FS frost protection thermostats provide a switched output based on the average temperature detected along a six metre capillary sensor. The unit is fixed across a duct using capillary clips, downstream of the frost coil and is used to prevent the icing up of filters, fans and coils.



Control range:                  -30°C to +15°C

Differential:                         Fixed 2.5°C

Switch rating:                      24(10)A @ 230Vac

         3A @ 24Vdc

Reset:                                        Manual

Capillary:                                 6m x 2mm dia copper

Sensor Type:                          Vapour Charge

Ambient range:                    Housing: 0°C to 50°C

          Capillary: -50…+70°C

Protection:                              IP44

Weight 600 g
Specification Guide