Moulded Current Transformer 100:50A




A range of high quality current transformers the MU-M range provided accurate measurement of high primary currents, converting to a 5 Amp secondary current, proportional to the primary current.



System Voltage:                           720V maximum

Test Voltage:                                   3kV for 1 minute

System Frequency:                     50Hz or 60Hz

Primary Ratings:                           From 50A to 250A (others to order)

Secondary Outputs:                    5A

Short Circuit Thermal:               3kA for 1 second

Overload Withstand:                  1.2 times rated current continuously

Secondary Terminals:                 M5 screw clamps

Operating Temperature:          -20˚C to +70˚C

Humidity:                                            Up to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Case Size:                                            55mm wide x 45mm deep x 78mm high

Aperture:                                            20mm diameter

Weight 177 g
Specification Guide