Multifunction Timer




An attractive modern designed 7 function timer
in a din rail mounted modular style housing of 1.5
modules width (27mm). A selector switch is provided
to select eight different time ranges from 0.1 sec to 10
days, fine time selection on a selected range is then
achieved via a percentage potentiometer. A further
selector switch is then used to select one of eight
different functions. A green supply on LED is featured
along with a red LED to indicate relay output status. All
terminal details and the function selection information
along with the CE mark is clearly marked on the sides
of the housing.



Accuracy:                              Setting: ± 5% of full scale

        Repeat: ± 0.5%

Reset Time:                          < 100 msec

Output Contact:                SPDT (1 C/O)

Contact Rating:                  NO/5A, NC/3A@250V AC

Supply Voltage:                  20-240V AC

         12-240V DC

         AC: (50/60Hz)

Power Consumption:      4VA max.

Temperature:                        Operating: 0 to 50˚C (32 to 122˚F)

          Storage: -20 to 75˚C (-4 to 167˚F)

Humidity:                                 95% RH (non-condensing)

Protection Level:                 IP50 for faceplate

           IP40 for housing

           IP20 for terminals

Weight 67 g
Specification Guide