Outside Air Temperature Sensor – 0-10Vdc Output Multi-Range




The TE-010 range of temperature sensors are designed to interface with a wide variety of control equipment. These units are fitted with a high quality PT1000 platinum element and 0-10Vdc output transmitter which can have the temperature range set by the installer. These units are available for Space, Duct, Room, Immersion and Outside mounting.



Sensor Type:                     PT1000 1000Ω @ 0°C, 2 wire, Class A

Output:                                0 – 10Vdc

Accuracy:                            0.1°C ± 0.05% of reading + sensor accuracy.

Power Supply:                  24Vac/dc < 2.2VA

Thermal Drift:                  1 uA/°C

Weight 115 g
Specification Guide