Propane and LPG Sensor




The GLD gas leak detection range is suitable for use in Boiler Rooms and other Commercial applications to provide safety and shut down functions in the event of gas leakage. Control units are available in 1, 2 or 3 channels for connection to 1, 2 or 3 remote sensors. They are mounted in DIN rail housings with the option of panel or wall mount enclosures. Output relays to operate auxiliary devices such as Solenoid Gas Valves or  Sirens and fault remote signalling are fitted to all units. Power supply is 230Vac or 12-24Vdc and sensors are available for both  Natural Gas, LPG/Propane and Carbon Monoxide.



Power Supply:                     GLD361: 230Vac ± 10% @ 50Hz

         GLD65*: 12V ± 10%

Power Consumption:      GLD361: 3VA

          GLD65*: 7VA

Relay Outputs:                     GLD361: 5(1)A @ 250V SPDT

          GLD65*: 2 x 5(1)A @ 250V SPDT

Pre-alarm Thresholds…

Natural Gas:                            0.3% to 0.8% (3000 to 8000ppm)

LPG:                                              0.14% to 0.35% (1400 to 3500ppm)

CO:                                                0.012% to 0.03% (120 to 300ppm)

Alarm Thresholds…

Natural Gas:                            0.5% to 1.25% (5000 to 12500ppm)

LPG:                                              0.22% to 0.56% (2200 to 5600ppm)

CO:                                                0.02% to 0.05% (200 to 500ppm)


Natural Gas:                            GLD150

LPG:                                              GLD250

CO:                                                GLD350

Materials:                                  Base – Nylon, Cover – ABS


Storage:                                      -25˚C to +60˚C

Operating:                                 0˚C to +45˚C

Weight 200 g
Specification Guide