Proportional Temperature Controller – 1 Stage




The CAD-PI is a DIN rail mountable single (optionally up to 3) channel electronic proportional temperature controller. The unit monitors air or liquid temperatures and controls from one to three proportional analogue channels.



Input Supply:                         24Vac/dc ± 15% 75mA max.

Sensor Type:                          Any 10KΩ Type T sensor from our range

Temperature Range:        -5˚C to +95˚C

Span:                                           1 – 20˚C

Output Signal:                       1 x 0…10V proportional

                          2 x 0…10V optional

Mounting:                                 DIN rail carrier 114 x 82 x 60mm

Terminals:                                 Rising clamp suitable for 0.5 – 2.5mm²

Ambient:                                    -20˚C to +50˚C

Weight 166 g
Specification Guide