Shut Off Ball Valve 25mm 3 Port Kvs 26 – Suitable Actuators LR../LRF..




Belimo Ball Valves, shut off and Characterised control valves with internal thread fitting for use on warm and cold water systems, bubble tight shut off.

3 way Shut Off Valve with Internal Threads PN16.



Fluid:                                                                  Cold and warm water, water with glycol up to

                                  max. 50% vol.

Fluid Temperature:                                    -10…120°C

Fluid Temperature Note:                        At a fluid temperature of -10…2°C, a stem

                                   heating or a valve neck extension is

                                    recommended. The allowed fluid temp.

                                    can be limited, depending on the type of

                     actuator. Limitations can be found in the

                     respective data sheets of the actuators.

Permissible Operating Pressure ps: 1600 kPa

Close-off Pressure ∆ps:                             1400 kPa

Differential Pressure ∆pmax.:              1000 kPa

Differential Pressure Note:                    200 kPa for low-noise operation.

Leakage Rate:                                                   Port A – AB: air-bubble tight, leakage rate

       A (EN 12266-1); Bypass B – AB: Leakage

       class I (EN 1349 and EN 60534-4)

       max. 1% of the kvs value

Pipe Connectors:                                            Internal thread according to ISO 7-1

Flow:                                                                       Bypass B – AB: Approx. 50% of kvs value

Angle of Rotation:                                          90°

Weight 650 g
Specification Guide