Space Humidistat, single stage, concealed setpoint




Relative space humidity control in air conditioning systems with set point adjustment by knob and control of 1stage humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Well-suited in domestic, commercial and industrial areas for the large variety of applications in the air conditioning field.



Sensitive Elem.:                                 Several synthetic fabric brands

Contacts:                                               SPDT contacts

Switch Capacity:                               Humidify: 2A, 250Vac

                        Dehumidify: 5A, 230Vac

Differentials:                                        4%

Working Temperature:                  0…+60˚C

Storage:                                                  -20…+70˚C

Temperature Coeff.:                        -0.2% RH/K at 20˚C

Max Air Velocity:                               15m/s

Housing:                                                   ABS

Size:                                                             115 x 70 x 35mm

Protection:                                              IP20

Weight 479 g
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