Space Temperature Sensor – 4-20mA output -10…+40C




The TE-420 range of temperature sensors are designed to interface with a wide variety of HVAC control equipment. Units are available with a high quality PT100 platinum element and 4…20mA output transmitter which is supplied in a default range but can be re-programmed to suit any temperature range required. Units are available for space, duct, surface, immersion and outside mounting.



Sensor Type:                     PT100 100Ω @ 0°C, 2 or 3 wire, Class A

Output:                                2 wire 4…20mA current loop

Accuracy:                            0.1°C ± 0.05% of reading + sensor accuracy.

Power Supply:                 10…30Vdc

Loop Voltage Effect:     0.2 uA/V

Thermal Drift:                  1 uA/°C

Max. Output Load:        700Ω @ 24Vdc

Weight 100 g
Specification Guide