Temperature Control Floating Thermostat




SRE05 floating/Modulating thermostat is mainly used for Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling Systems. It uses a 10K NTC Temperature sensor, providing temperature control for Air conditioning and Fan Coil cooling/heating by means of a control signal when the Thermostat is powered On or Off, it will output a signal to fully close the valve.



Power Supply:                    AC 24V

Output:                                   AC 24V 1A

Power Consumption:     0.6VA (without load)

Control Precision:            ± 0.5˚C (± 1˚F)

Control Range:                   10˚C ~ 30˚C or 50˚F ~ 86˚F

Sensitive Element:            NTC thermistor 10KΩ (when at 25˚C)

Display Precision:              0.2˚C / 1˚F

Backlight Control:             Button-press operation (it will automatically go out

          when stop pressing the button for 5 seconds).

Weight 178 g
Specification Guide