Top Mounted Level Switch




A range of Level Switches designed for high and low liquid level detection in tanks and vessels. Units consist of a lever arm reed switch assembly and a tank fixing assembly. Units fit from the inside of the tank and tighten on to a back nut and are available for top or side mounting.



Contact Form:                                                     Reversible float

Switching Voltage Max. V:                           125Vac break down 250Vac

Switching Current Max. A:                           0.5

Carry Current Max. A:                                     1.0

Switching Capacity Max. VA:                      10W SPST

Contact Resistance Max. mOhms:           200

Lead Wire:                                                                UL 1007 AWG22 PVC

Operating Pressure Max. Kg/cm²:             1.0

Operating Temperature Deg.˚C:                  -20˚C…+80˚C

Material:                                                                      Polypropylene

Suitable Specific Gravity:                                  0.8

Mounting Hole Diameter:                                10mm

Weight 14 g
Specification Guide