Ultrasonic Level Sensor 0.5…8 metres, 4…20mA output




The MINISONDA is designed for level measurement in tanks or sumps and provides a 4-20mA output relating to the distance between the sensor and the surface being detected. Measurement is made by non-intrusive ultrasonic technology and the unit fixes in the top of the tank.



Measuring Range:                          0.5…8m

Resolution:                                         1mm

Operating Frequency:                 50kHz

Accuracy:                                             0.25% of measuring range

Output:                                                  4…20mA

Supply:                                                   20…38Vdc

Power Consumption:                    0.5W

Operating Temperature:            -10…+60˚C

Static Pressure Limits:                 -0.25…2 bar

Materials:                                             Casing glass filled polypropylene transducer


Process fitting:                             2 inch BSP (Mounting Flange Available)

Protection:                                           IP68

Dimensions:                                        131 x 94mm dia.

Weight 1500 g
Specification Guide