Wind Speed and Direction Sensor




The AV-WSD wind speed and direction sensor provides wind speed and direction measurements and converts those measurements into a potentiometric or pulsed output which can be read by a PLC or Building Management System.



Electrical Conn:                Flying lead 3m long.

Ambient Temperature: -20˚C/+70˚C

Dimensions:                       Height 280mm.

Protection:                          IP65

Wind Speed Output:     1 contact closure per 1.493m/s (zero bounce).

Min. Start Speed:             0.5m/s

Accuracy:                             ± 2%

Contact Rating:                 50W, 100Vdc max, 1A

Direction Output:            0-1KΩ for 0-357˚

Mechanical Travel:         360˚ endless travel.

Electrical Travel:              357˚ (± 2˚)

Resistance Tolerance:   ± 3%

Linearity Tolerance:       ± 0.5%

Weight 1500 g
Specification Guide