Wind Speed & Direction Sensor 4-20mA




The AV-WSD-20 combined Wind Speed and Direction sensor is manufactured from anodized aluminium alloy, UPVC and stainless steel with moulded polypropylene cups. The units are lightweight yet very robust.
The sensors are designed to be mounted to a mast of between 30…50mm diameter by means of a V-shaped clamp and bracket. This allows simple orientation to North using the compass provided; the only setting up required.
Wind Direction is sensed by a precision conductive potentiometer which combines exceptionally long life with high sensitivity.
Wind speed is derived froma Hall Effect solid state magnetic switch activated by magnets in the cup rotor running in precision stainless steel ball race and ‘Oilite’ bearings giving very high sensitivity and very long life.



Electrical Connection:                4-core cable 25m supplied as standard.

Wind Speed Output:                    0…10Vdc range 0…50m/s OR 4-20mA.

Accuracy:                                            ± 5%

Direction Output:                          0…10Vdc range 0…50m/s OR 4-20mA.

Mechanical Travel:                        360˚C endless travel.

Resistance Tolerance:                  ± 5%

Weight 1500 g
Specification Guide