2% Space Humidity Sensor, selectable output with direct 30K ohms thermistor




This type of humidity and temperature sensor uses state of the art single chip multi-sensor technology. The sensing element is a polymer sensing chip with built in electronics to give accurate signal and fast response. This product has been designed with state of the art electronics,  and built in the UK for EC Products to assure excellent reliability and quality.




Accuracy:                                                            +/-3% or +/-2% at 25˚C

Response Time:                                               < 8 seconds

Long-term Stability:                                      < 2% RH per year

Hysteresis:                                                           +/- 1% RH

Output:                                                                   0 – 100% RH


ASIC Temp. Sensor Accuracy:                  +/-0.5˚C at 25˚C

Response Time:                                                 < 8 seconds

Default Selectable Temp. Setting:          0 – 100˚C

Housing Material:                                             Flame retardant ABS/PC

Protection:                                                             IP65

Ambient Range:                                                 -20˚C to +50˚C

Supply:                                                                      24Vac/dc (+/-10%)

Termination:                                                          0.5 to 1.5mm cable

Weight 79 g
Specification Guide