Air Differential Pressure Switch IP65 50-500Pa C/W Duct Kit




This 930 range of air differential pressure switches are suitable for low differential switching applications, and are ideal for providing indication of fan status or ‘filter dirty’ conditions.



Max. Operating Pressure:         50 mbar

Pressure Connections:                6mm ID push-on tubing

Electrical Rating:                             1.5A (0.4) @ 250Vac

Approvals:                                            Switch according to VDE0630UG1652

Connections:                                       Via 0.25” receptacles

Cable Entry:                                         M20

Housing Material:                            Plastic moulding

Protection:                                            IP65 mounted in 150 x 110 x 75mm

         enclosure c/w nipples.

Ambient Range:                                -20ºC to +85ºC

Installation Category:                    IEC 664 Category II

Pollution Degree:                              IEC 664 Degree 1

Weight 556 g
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