Inside Light Sensor Multi-Ranging Lux 0/10Vdc Output




These light intensity sensors measures the light level and are used to control luminaries, lighting systems, Venetian blinds and canvas blinds, etc. Applications in monitoring lighting conditions at workplaces, in greenhouses, storage halls, workshops and corridors, in outdoor areas, in industrial halls, in offices, in residential and business facilities. It is used for daylight-dependant constant light control, as light intensity or twilight sensor and to control sunshade equipment avoiding unnecessary heating-up of rooms.



Power Supply:                          24V AC (± 20%); 15…36V DC for U variant

             15…36V DC for I variant,

              Depending on working resistance, residual ripple

               stabilised ± 0.3V

Power Consumption:            < 1W at 24V DC; < 2VA at 24V AC

Sensor:                                            Light sensor with diffuser

Measuring Ranges:                  Multi-range switching (via DIP switches) with 4

 switchable measuring ranges

                0…500 Lux / 1 kLux / 5 kLux / 20 kLux

                (other individual ranges optional e.g. 100 kLux)

Output:                                            4…20mA or 0 – 10V (2- or 3-wire connection)

Measuring Error:                       < 5% of final value

Ambient Temperature:          0…+50˚C

Electrical Connection:            0.14 – 1.5mm², via terminal screws on circuit board

Enclosure:                                       Plastic, material ABS, colour pure white

   (similar to RAL 9010)

Dimensions:                                   85 x 85 x 27mm (Baldur 1)

Installation:                                    Wall mounting or in-wall flush box, Ø55mm,

   base with 4-hole for mounting on vertically or

   horizontally installed in-wall flush boxes for cable

   entry from the back, with predetermined breaking

   point for on-wall cable entry from top/bottom in

   case of plain on-wall installation.

Protection Class:                         III

Protection Type:                          IP30

Standards:                                       CE conformity, electromagnetic compatibility

                  according to EN 61 326, EMC directive 2014 / 30

                  / EU

Weight 760 g
Specification Guide