Wind Speed And Direction Switch




The AV-WSDS is designed to operate from both 24Vac & 12Vdc power sources. The controls box comes housed within an IP65 rated enclosure with a clear lid so that the indicator lights and controls can be easily viewed from the outside. Cable entry to the control box is via three PG7 cable glands, accepting cables between 3 & 6.5mm in diameter. Wind speed to 90mph selectable. Wind direction selectable via 8 DIP switches for each main compass point (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, & NW). On and off timers available to prevent frequent switching from unexpected wind gusts etc.



The system is supplied with the following items:

  1. Control box
  2. Wind speed and direction sensor (inc alignment compass)
  3. 25m of 4 core cable
  4. 24V AC Adaptor
Weight 300 g
Specification Guide